Jon Simons photography

Jonathan Simons

Jonathan Simons is a wildlife & nature photographer living on the west coast of Scotland in Argyll.

He has had a life long passion for wildlife of all kinds and nature in general. He now lives on the Kintyre peninsula with his wife and menagerie and gets to enjoy and photograph the awesome wildlife every day.

In his younger days he trained as an ecologist and the worked for about 15 years in conservation before moving on to other things. He undertook an MPhil looking at bird strikes with aircraft which gives you a very different perspective on air travel! Jonathan is also qualified as a tracker through a number of different avenues.

He first started his photography when, about 9 years old, he bought a Kodak box brownie (which he still owns) from a jumble sale. From then on he flirted with photography for many years; all film in those days of course. In his teens Jonathan was inspired by photos of wildlife and very passionate about nature and animals but just couldn’t afford big lenses or amazing cameras so that dream went on hold for a very long time. Of course he did the best he could with the kit he had!

He pretty well always had a camera and went digital with a Canon EOS 300D but it still wasn’t very serious at that time. That all changed in 2012 when he got a secondhand Canon 5D MkII and started taking landscapes.

A few years later he was lucky enough to buy some preloved Canon L glass and started seriously on his wildlife photography passion. This was boosted after a 3 month trip through parts of Canada and the US where he photographed many wonderful animals including bears, coyotes, bison and much more.

The rest, as they say, is history!